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It's been a few years since I posted anything about the greenhouse so here's an update.

In the part of Spain where I live we sometimes have very strong winds. When I bought the greenhouse I asked if it was suitable for windy areas and they told me it should be ok. Unfortunately it wasn't. The greenhouse lasted 2 storms. The first ripped the roof vents off and pushed in some of the side panels (which I then repaired and attempted to strengthen with silicon and wood). The second storm totally destroyed the greenhouse, I still don't know where the door ended up as I never found it. The majority of the wall and roof panels were just shredded into small pieces and the structure was left a twisted mass of aluminium and bits of polycarbonate on the floor. Pretty soul destroying.

So, several years later I have decided to try again - in the interim period I haven't had a greenhouse or the desire to try again but now I have decided to have another go but with a different style. Fortunately the base and surrounding wall are still intact so I'll re-use that. I'll start a new thread with version 2 rather than continue this thread.
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