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Originally Posted by Daox View Post
Very nice find! I've heard good things about the e-golf. Can I ask how much it cost you?
Around $26k, before the tax credits. (not including enclosed transport). If you've heard good things about the e-Golf, you're ahead of most people. The e-Golf marketing from VW appears to have be even less effective than the early 1990's marketing for the VW Corrado. By 1994, VW dealers who had Corrados on the lots couldn't find buyers for them and some sat on lots until 1995 before they were sold. I have an early Corrado in my garage that I have owned for 20+ years. My Corrado is a fun little sport coupe hatchback, with an active rear spoiler. Fuel efficient, the Corrado is NOT.

On stock wheels, the e-Golf doesn't have the presence of a GTI, or a Corrado. However, it is q-u-i-e-t and a blast to drive. I drove it to a funeral last night, near where I used to work and commute to daily, ~35 miles each way. It happily handled that trip, but aerodynamics at highway speeds knocked my efficiency from 4.2mi/kW down to 3.3mi/kW. I hear if you can keep the e-Golf under 64mph, your economy isn't too bad.

Originally Posted by pinballlooking View Post
Nice nice write-up. I like the look of the new wheels. Solar and EV's go together so well.
A Solar (PV) system and an EV go extremely well together when you figure that my monthly driving requires the equivalent of 5 grid-tied solar panels worth of energy. (my panels average about 25kWh per solar panel, per month)

The wheels were OEM wheels for a 2017-2018 Audi A3.
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