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Originally Posted by mejunkhound View Post

What is your experience with blown in vs. batts?

FG or cellulose blown in?
I have tried many different kinds of insulation. The kind I have settled on is Mineral Wool. It has various brand names. I have only seen it in batts. It is about the same cost as fiber glass, has about the same R-Value. But it is much better to work with, as the random fibers don't have the same itching & horrible potential for silicosis, etc (still advised to wear a particle mask). It is absolutely fire proof. I tried putting a sample on an open gas flame of a commercial cook top (35K BTU) for 15 minutes. At the end of the test, there was zero effect of the exposure to heat. It is also a sound absorbing material like nothing I have ever worked with.

By far, my favorite.

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