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Default Lennox Solar ac

A customer in need of an new a/c brought up the Lennox signature xc25 solar ready series her friend recommended. It does allow you to add some solar panels to reduce the power it uses.
Seems like a great idea, but I think it doesn't make sense in application. Mostly because you are only receiving power from your panels when your a/c is on. If the payback on gridtie panels that produce all day long is 7 plus years then what would be the return on panels that are only connected for a portion of the day time. I haven't found much out about these but the panels I saw on display at Lennox were cheap and lightweight older style panels. They might have been for display only. I can't get much info on these units because I'm not a lennox signature installer, however I know these are very expensive. Great idea but you can put a nice gridtie array together for the $10k this system probably installs for.

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