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I don't have a public log of my usage.

It varies from 500 kWh/mo in spring/fall to 2500 in summer and up to 4500 in winter, average is about 2000. 500 is the constant usage from water heating, cooking, refrigerator and lights. That leaves 1500 in variable usage due to HVAC. The new system is 16 SEER compared to the old one (probably) 10 SEER.

The winter spike is due to the old heat pump not performing well below 35F. We had to switch to resistance heat at about 3x the consumption. This new unit has smart defrosting as well as being more efficient so it should handle much lower temps.

We have a programmable thermostat, but it doesn't do a whole lot. 3/5 of the family is home all the time.
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