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Originally Posted by AC_Hacker View Post
Thanks Fionn,

Regarding installation, there are so many well documented installs on this site, that I didn't think mine would add any value.

However, I did reuse the old line set, and saved some money there ($120). Looking back, I took a risk that seems to be OK, and that risk was that I used the old flares at the ends of the old line set. During the install (but after the fact), I did learn that soft copper, which is what line sets are made of, have a definite limit to bending (5 times) that they are exposed to, before they become brittle. Since I installed the Fujitsu exactly where the Sanyo was, I expect no problem. BUT the flares themselves are exposed to significant flexing when they are formed, which could make them approach brittleness, and my reusing the same flares was not the wisest thing to do. Looking back, I wish I had cut off the old flares and made new ones. I have the equipment, I just didn't have the knowledge.

Best Regards,

Hi AC. I haven't been on for a while but since you bought a Fujitsu, I take some notice partly because that is mostly the brand I install. You got a good price on that one.

As for installation, I now pressurize the linesets to 500psi and hold for few hours. It really prevents callbacks. I wouldn't worry about cutting off the flares and starting new. They are all made to the same standard anyway.

I have one of these units (12000btu) on test now and I have adapted it to heat a tank of water. I've just started so I won't have any real impressions of it for a while yet.

I hope it last at least a decade.
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