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I've been looking at installing this model on my house but instead going with the 12k BTUhr unit to better cover a majority of the cooling needs instead of replacing my slightly oversized 2 ton(a 1.5 ton would be perfect for my house) central air unit. If I put it in my bedroom and aim it down the hall, it would cover the upstairs for a majority of the days and I'd still use the central air here and there to spread the cold air through the rest of the house and cover design days, likely 2 hour runtime at most on hottest days.

In the winter, I plan to shut the bedroom door, keep the rest of the house cooler and use the mini-split to specifically heat the bedroom to a comfortable temperature while I'm on the computer, watching tv or sleeping. Normally during the workweek I'm usually in the bedroom most of the time anyway and during the weekend I'm often not home for a good chunk of the time and spend more of the time in the bedroom anyway. It seems this unit is one of the best for this type of use. I've also looked into the comparable Mitsubishi and Panasonic units as they have progressed in HSPF, SEER, and 17f heating performance numbers, it seems they swap around with who performs the best. I think that Daikin, Mitsubishi, and Fujitsu share the role in the most reliable equipment and are all great choices, but I'm looking to buy based on performance and Fujitsu is there right now.

Can't wait to hear about how it performs on the coldest nights of winter for your home.
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