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Input from the AC-Hacker himself, I feel honoured. Thanks! Propane (R290) is second on my list, the fact that can burn makes it sound scary. It probably isn't, the system should have no leaks anyway, but still. It is the refrigerant I find most data about, amongst which the input from German children

Actually, the compressor is a pump, and nothing more. The fact that the expansion valve hinders the flow in the system and the pump has the ability to raise pressure, still makes it a pump. Hence my pump symbol.

The whole idea is still in it's it's infancy. Plans come and go at this point, I appreciate the input. Currently in my head I consider to make the pump for the central heating only. The hot water part of the utility bill (basically, all good ideas aside, that is still the bottom line) is very small compared to the central heating. I might go the solar route for the hot water, or for a second smaller heat pump. This big pump, if all goes to plan, should make a lot of heat. If it indeed has a 400% return, it would make 6kW... It does so in my dreams already, just need to turn it into reality!

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