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Default Portable Ac with heat single hose for winter heating ?

Edit ~ To get to modifications implemented and required follow the link to post # 91

Going try using a single hose portable 14,000 Btu Honeywell ac with 11,000 Btu heat for the fall and winter heating season.

The usual day and night low winter temperature is between 1*c / 33*f and -5 / 22*f

The unit I picked up has a Cop of 2.75 and has no cold temperature limit mentioned assume because its a single hose unit. It says is good for winter heating and ends there with no temp info.

As it scavenges heat from the warm inside air and exhaust cold air the outside temp can be much lower then a dual hose unit if my understanding is correct

The single hose units are reported to output about 30% of the air it conditions threw the rear vent. The Honeywell unit in question airflow is 245 cfm 30% of that is about 75 cfm so that's its loss threw air infiltration.

I'm thinking the single hose will allow me to run it all winter well that's my expectation.

It will be placed in the basement of a split level home with a open stairway so air natural convection will heat the upper floor or so I'm hoping.

Should mention the basement has its own cracks to feed it with as well as the rest of the house has its little cracks and air infiltration being a mid 70's split level house.

In this case what do you think ? will the single hose Ac/ heater save me money on heating or will draw to much cold air from cracks to make it transfer the heat upstairs ?

I'm thinking the single hose would allow me use it in colder winter weather including at night.

I have not found any info on people using a single hose unit as I described I have read that single hose units are best for one room cooling due to the negative pressure I'm hoping that with it in heat mode its convection will heat the upper floor despite the units negative pressure.

Am I being way too hopeful or what you think offhand ?

Im second guessing myself for buying it and not dual hose i was thinking the dual hose would not work well during the night and on cold days due to its poor cold weather performance. I payed $350 for it delivered or about 1/2 price.


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