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Thanks Randen, I have been studying the Drake's Landing Solar Community and here is a good .pdf on the project for those who don't know what Randen is referring to.

I must admit, that I am not a good planner and usually just wing it. In my possession are almost all of the supplies and tools to install a system like what is at Drake's Landing although in a much smaller scale. However, I am hesitant to do that here and have stepped back to ask the good folks here for some input.

Like AC Hacker and others have said before, start with the insulation and tighten up the home. We have already upgraded the insulation in the attic last year and have shown improvements on the energy used to heat and cool the house. The windows should be upgraded, but that is not in the budget at the moment. They are vinyl and only 19 years old, and there are better more efficient ones of coarse. The house was built to "Good Cents" energy efficiency standards in 1998, but it surely could have been built better. The exterior walls are mostly 2x4 construction and the insulation under the floors joists was minimal. That will be upgraded this fall after the underfloor heating gets installed and insulated.

We can install the solar evacuated tubes, dig the boreholes, install the tanks and heat pumps, but without a proper sizing of the system or plan, I am worried it may be a huge disaster.

My initial thoughts are to do a manual J analysis on the home. Another door blower test. Drill some boreholes to test for soil conditions. Possibly upgrade the windows and walls with better insulation.

Help.......... please!
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