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Default Repurposing a 180 evacuated tube solar hot water system

About a month ago, I replied to an ad for a large evacuated tube solar hot water system. It was at a brewery that went bankrupt and the new brewery wouldn't be using them and it was needing to be removed. It was originally used for heating the water for the beer they were making. The system originally cost over $70,000 to purchase and install just about 5 years ago they said.

We have spent almost 2 weeks removing everything. Today is the probably the last day and time to remove the tanks.

The system consists of 6 Thermomax HP200 30 tube collectors, Hamilton EVO boiler, 2 insulated 370 gallon insulated storage tanks, pumps, Badger meter units, remote control units and sensors and lots of pipe.

I am not sure what to do with the system. Should we use the system to heat water and store in the hot water tank(s) for floor heating, DHW, forced air heating. I can easily use 3 sections on my property (90 tubes).

Maybe put the heat in the ground during the summer months and pull it back out with a geothermal heat pump during the colder heat demand months? I have two new two ton geo units, pipe and drilling equipment waiting for installation.

Or should I just sell it and buy photovoltaic?

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