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Originally Posted by bennelson View Post
Also, this weekend, I got a call from my brother (who actually has experience in construction and is acting as general contractor for me) and he said that he and the mason had concerns about the weight of the concrete truck on the driveway. As in, "It will be the heaviest thing ever to be on your driveway and will probably break it."
Nah... Not a chance, at least if the driveway is in good condition. I mean yeah it very well might be the heaviest thing ever on the driveway; but concrete, even residential, has a compressive strength of 2500 psi. The highest pressure that truck would exert on the driveway is likely 150 psi, putting a car on jackstands places more point load pressure on concrete than a concrete truck would, especially one that is not even fully loaded. The risk comes in from the sub-layers below the concrete, specifically if there are voids, or inadequate soil. If there are voids or inadequate soil below the concrete considering the assumed age of the concrete (close to the age of the garage or at least a few decades) those issues would most likely have already surfaced. I'm not saying residential concrete driveways would make for good highways, but they will handle occasional large loads.
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