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Originally Posted by where2 View Post
. If you need pointers, just ask. That's what this website is all about.
YES that would be awesome. Any chance you are in the pan-handle? Will buy beer in trade for some advice. No one cool is ever in the pan-handle though....

Yeah wisdom from someone who has permitted DIY would be awesome. I'm an Electrical Engineer with experience in embedded design and power systems, I could design an MPPT charger let alone figure out how to use one, but I'm clueless on the bureaucracy of residential permits and inspections and trying to find resources on the internet has been daunting.

I'm aware I can't grid tie without permits and letting the power company know. I already have a off-grid (or grid interactive? Not sure on terminology) inverter/charge/transfer switch tied into several circuits in my home with 7KWhr of batteries for backup purposes. Two dip switch flips and I can disable the charger function and convert it to battery priority mode instead of grid priority mode, which means it's ready for solar. That was my option for non-permit route, as I would not be grid tied. But I'd have to buy another 13KWhr of batteries really.

So what is a 3 line diagram? Related to an electrical drawing 3 line diagram? Would I have to draw up mechanical drawings of the structure the panels would mount too? Or just how they will electrically tied together? Could you send me your permit package so I could see an example of how to do it?


BTW, here's some proof I'm not a total newb (just a permit newb), here's my house right now, all DIY : (never mind I can't post links yet? Well let's try this cheat)
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