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Originally Posted by pinballlooking View Post
...I would get permit. If your house caught fire your insurance probably not cover when they found you installed without a permit. The insurance companies have a work force dedicated to deny you your claim. They do a good job on this. If they did not, they would not keep them working.
I've permitted a DIY system in FL. It is NOT an impossible task. My 4.4kW install passed inspection with flying colors. I'm about to draw 3-line diagrams for permits up for a second DIY system. If you need pointers, just ask. That's what this website is all about.

A 5kW system doesn't "hide" from anyone when connected to the grid. The modern smart meters are programmed to "add to your bill" even if you are exporting power to the grid. You can only get a Net Meter installed if you install a permitted generation system, and show the power company your proof of passed final inspection. My "Net Meter" keeps two tallies of power. One "delivered" and one "Net Metered". The power company calculates my bill by "Delivered kWh - Net kWh = Billable kWh".

Also keep in mind, the FL legislature has written into the FL statutes that you can install your array in the most solar efficient location on your property, not just the most inconspicuous. There are PV arrays on street facing facets of roofs in my municipality, because that is the most energy efficient face of the roof on those houses. I'm fortunate, mine faces the back of the house, and almost nobody realizes it exists aside from my neighbors who watched me slowly install it on my second floor roof.
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