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Thanks Dave,
There's a lot of misinformation about the battery recall. I just got a notice from GM and there is nothing about parking 50 feet away from people or some of the other main stream news that's just not true.

This was an LG problem, not a GM problem and I think LG is going to take most of the hit for it just like the Kona with LG battery problems.

I've been driving Bolts for about 4 years now and it is a really good car with very few issues but this is relatively new technology and new technology is subject to unforeseen problems so I expect that, just like cell phones had problems before the technology was updated and improved. In five years nothing is going to touch EVs and now there's an EV that goes 520 miles on a charge. It's expensive but before long that will be the norm.

I think of it this way, owners are getting the best of it. Would anyone complain if their gas car was recalled with 100k miles and the dealer said we're going to give you a new engine for free? So people with 120 and 130 thousand miles are getting new batteries which is like getting a new car.
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