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Default 12V Battery Question Please

I recently decided that I wanted to delve into the world of solar energy. Ultimately, I would like to have our home totally off the grid, however, one has to start somewhere. I live in Salisbury, MD 21804 and gave myself a budget of $450 to assemble a portable setup to use on my deck and in the even of a power outage. Please be advised that I am by no means an expert and I have little experince with things electrical. I do follow directions well and am handy around the house. I spent hours and hours reseraching, watching YouTube videos and reading articles on this subject.

I purchased this panel from 100W (2*50W) 12V folding mono solar panel with 15A solar charge controller:

I also purchased a GT Power Watt Meter and Power Bright 1100 Watt AC DC Inverter.

I probably put the wagon in front of the horse but I purchased a battery today and this is the only part of this system that I'm not sure of. I purchased a Deka Batteries EPM DC27 with these specs: 715ca, 200m@23a90ah cycle. Do you guys think this battery will be OK with my setup? Any help or suggestins would be greatly apprciated. BTW, I came in over budget at $510 including a $13 core charge on the battery :-)

Thank You,

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