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We've had temps in the mid to upper 90's all week and out door temps are only dropping down to the mid 80's, last night it got down to 83F and this idea is starting to fail, up stairs temp is up to 88F at 47% humidity and basement temp is up to about 70F, it is working really well to keep the house dry, even in the mornings when the temp is about the same inside and outside the humidity outside makes the air feel thick and gross, I'll keep doing this but due to the ever rising temps my fridge is no longer keeping it's cool, so I borrowed a window A/C unit to cool the kitchen... trouble is this window unit will cost $4 per day to run so I'm only going to use it as needed.

I don't have a full basement (about 400sf of basement for a 2,200sf house) so I think that a full basement would help a great deal, but keeping the living space at 45% to 50% humidity while it's 70-100% outside has been very nice, but we just don't have the surface area in the basement to cool the air fast enough to combat a week of hot humid days.

I'll do a better write up later, but what questions did folks have, or points that they wanted clarified?

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