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Yes, I believe that the auto manufacturers are all 100% on board with PHEV and EV cars/trucks.

There are those that are late to the party - VW/Audi being just one. But the Big 3 in Detroit knows well that standing still is falling behind - just look at the number of Nissan Leafs sold.

My further point is the total electric Chevy Bolt is outselling the PHEV Volt. Soon you will have 350+ mile range with EV cars. I look forward to replacement of Li-ion with quadra valent cobalt batteries (double energy density, much lower production costs, cheaper raw materials, etc) in the next 5-10 years.

I can understand some of your skepticism and frustration with the silliness and antics that the big auto manufacturers have pulled off in the past, but frankly, your statements remind me of people talking of solar PV panels some 5 years ago (too expensive, don't last, just a flash in the pan like the solar water heaters in the 1980's, etc).

China is the BIG issue. The big 3 would like a foothold in that developing country before they develop their own EV industry - and start exporting to the USA.

These USA manufacturers almost went under some 10 years ago - GM being the prominent one. In order to survive, they knew that massive change was absolutely necessary. And they have - yes, some mistakes, but the momentum under Mary Barra (GM) is unmistakable.

Sorry to be blunt - but that is how I (and many others) see it.


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