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Default Well Water, iron, and water softeners

Hey all,

I recently moved into a house outside of the city and I'm now on well water. Problem is, it has a lot of iron in it so apparently the previous owners used something called Rescare which is a chemical which drips into the brine with the salt in order to remove the excess iron from the resin. I don't like using chemicals in my water as I don't want to be drinking it or washing ourselves with it (not that we drink it as we have a reverse osmosis filter for drinking). Does anyone know a better way to remove iron? I know there are filtration systems but I also don't want to spend hundreds of dollars a year for iron filters.

I also found that Canada has something called a Hydroflow which electrically softens the water, but it still doesn't remove all the iron.

Does anyone live on well water that knows what to do for this that is more natural then using chemicals?


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