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Default Sale!! TCP 14-Watt Soft White Compact Fluorescent Flood Light Bulb (6 Pack)

Search on 762148105428 (UPC code?)

The contractor's pack at local Home Depot was marked $6.89

I got a pack and installed 2 in my new rear deck Ace IR sensor security light fixture.
They aren't as bright, but I kinda like not feeling like a flash-grenade
just went off, when I go out on the deck at night.

InDoor/Outdoor Not dimmable, but pretty nice for the in-store price..
Now that I can see the web prices, I should have picked up a few 6-packs!!
Check out your HD, they might have a good price on these..

TCP 14 Watt (65W) R30 Soft White, 6 Pack (E)*
Model # 8CPR30146 Internet # 100676709
Store SKU # 791552

The 14 watt CFL uses 75% less energy than a 65 watt incandescent floodlight and lasts up to 4 times longer. Ideal for use in recessed and track lighting. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. (E)* means this bulb meets Federal minimum efficiency standards.

* Light Output: 640 Lumens
* Energy Used: 14 Watts
* Life Hours: 8,000 Hours
* Save up to $293.00 in energy costs over life of bulbs
* Soft white provides a warm, full glow, similar to incandescent bulbs
* 7 year warranty
* 7 year warranty
* Eco Options : Eco Options
* MFG Brand Name : TCP
* MFG Model # : 8CPR30146

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