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Nice. I would love to do that. Plastic direct burial tanks aren't too expensive but digging the hole is.

I ran some numbers and to water our yard once requires about 12k gallons of water. But lets just call it 10K. Now considering we get all of our rain in a few odd storms through the spring and winter and no rainfall at all in the summer we would need a massive storage tank.

So if I wanted water for only 4 months of our summer I would need to store about 320,000 gallons of water to water twice a week. That is an underestimate as much of that time you will have to water more than twice a week due to our extreme heat.

Plastic tanks have a longer lifespan than concrete ones do in a direct burial situation. And a 1500 gallon tank is basically $1500. Larger tanks seem to be priced $1 per gallon usually. So I would need 213 tanks to sustain through 4 months.

For the OP great job and no you can never have too much storage. For me where we live here in Crematoria our option for rainwater collection is to let mother earth collect it for us and store it in the ground and I pump it out as needed. The lake also helps keeps our well decent except when it's over 110*(43c) for weeks on end which does happen.

If I lived somewhere with regular rainfall then I'd be all over rain water storage.
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