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Default Ground Source with no Ground?

It would help if you included a diagram of your proposal.

I may not understand correctly what you want to do.

I can say this, the great efficiency of a Ground Source Heat Pump is that it is able to pull heat from the ground or air, and bring it into a house. It's main feature is that it doesn't 'make' heat, rather it moves existing heat from the ground or air to your house or water heater, or whatever. Ultimately, the heat from the ground or air is heat from the sun that has shined on the ground, and warmed the ground up. There are cases when there are shallow geothermal hot spots. I have also discovered that rain falling on the earth also brings heat with it that can warm the earth.

For heat to flow from one place to another, the heat will flow from hot to cold. For instance, if your Heat Pump heated up water in a tank, to a temperature above 20C, like 85C heat would flow from the tank to the house until the temperatures were close to equal, then no more heat flow.

However, I can see one situation where you might have a very, very large water reservoir to use for heat storage, and you could use a small heat pump to extract heat from this tank. By using a powered heat pump, you could extract heat from this storage tank, to a point that was well below 20C, even down to nearly 2C or 3C.

Is this your idea??
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