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Default Heat pump idea ? Or maybe not !

Hi folks , my name is Alex and I'm from Romania . I would like your opinion about a heat pump that I want to build in the near future . We now have a diy air to water heat pump , converted from a Gree split ac unit ( 24000 btu or 2 ton ) that heats our house of 125 sqm ( 1345.489ft ) which is connected to slightly larger radiators . It works very good for us , we keep 22C ( 71F ) inside the house and the electricity consumption is around 6000 kWh for the whole heating season with domestic hot water included ( the 6000 kWh are just for heating and hot water ) . What I want to build is a geothermal heat pump style that doesn't have any loops or any boreholes . I was thinking of getting a cheap ac unit ( 7000 btu or 0.58 ton ) on R32 or R410a that I will convert it into an air to water heat pump . This small pump will be connected to a 100 litres ( 3381.402us fl oz) water tank that will serve as an evaporator for the " ground source heat pump " that I want to build . The refrigerant in the " ground source heat pump " will be R134a , because of the higher output temperatures . The water tank will have a mixing valve , so that I can adjust the water temperature that goes in the evaporator of the " geothermal heat pump " . What do you think about this idea ? It's basically a geothermal heat pump for those who don't have the necessary space or the money for the boreholes . I don't know if it makes sense from an economic point of view ( electricity consumption ) . Thanks and hope to get some replies from the more experienced users out here and not only

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