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Originally Posted by randen View Post
Ive found another solution. !!! It works fantastic. Go to a small airport and buy some aviation fuel 100LL..... not jet fuel!!! Use that in your equipment. Its more stable and it has none of that sticky residual after evaporation. And yes its a little more expensive but reliability has some costs to...
A better and cheaper option is to get ethanol free gas if you can in your area.
If that isn't available see if you can find UL94, which is the unleaded version of aviation fuel, it's basically the same thing but without the lead(lead is an octane booster and serves no other purpose), it's AKI octane(which matches what you see on the pump) is about 98 octane.
Here's a search engine for UL94
Either that or use this search engine and choose the Mogas option which will give you unleaded ethanol free fuel.

100LL will coat your combustion chamber and spark plug with lead, especially if you aren't running a relative lean fuel mixture and also keeping the load consistently high to prevent the lead deposits from building up on the spark plug and rendering it useless. Lead is some nasty stuff, avoid it if you can. Not to mention that lead has a really good reason to be illegal to sell for every use in every country of the world apart from aviation purposes(because it's the only way to easily boost a 98AKI octane fuel to 130AKI without causing bad combustion characteristics at high altitudes in turbocharged engines). ..except for Algeria, they are the only exception and still use it in cars(without catalytic converters or oxygen sensors because lead destroys both of these in short order).

Why do I know this? I fly airplanes and someone kept putting 100LL in the snowblower at the airport and the lead deposits built up and rendered the spark plug useless in short order. It's less work to buy ethanol free fuel or put fuel stabilizer in the gas.

Even with all of that being said, I've had no issues with putting fuel stabilizer in my fuel cans when I fill them with fuel containing ethanol and making sure I run the tank and carbs dry before the end of the season.
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