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In another lifetime I worked in a lawn and garden repair shop. Id seen a lot of odd things. Sometimes lawn mowers would come to the shop in a box. The best one and I realize the woman really was unaware of the basics of electricity. With her electric mower she had accidentally ran over the cord. The fix was to strip about 2 ft of all 3 wires and twist them all together and make it look nice with a generous wrap of electrical tap.

In todays market the small Internal Combustion Engines are made as more of a disposable nature. Inexpensive plastic parts and parts not really designed for any longevity. We had some larger HP riding mowers that would only operate for an hour or two before the ignition coil needed to be replaced. Probably needed to be wound with a little larger gauge wire.

The other problem is the fuel. The intermitted uses of small engines as the tool is shoved into the back of the garage not to be used till next year allows the fuel to evaporate leaving all its sticky residue.

And yes the fix is to run it out of fuel. But is it really fully empty or is there enough to evaporate to cause headaches the next year.

Ive found another solution. !!! It works fantastic. Go to a small airport and buy some aviation fuel 100LL..... not jet fuel!!! Use that in your equipment. Its more stable and it has none of that sticky residual after evaporation. And yes its a little more expensive but reliability has some costs to...

Nothing worse than trying to fire up the generator with a gummed up carb in the dark with a power outage.

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