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Same story here. Picked up a Troy-MTD-Bilt click lock set this spring with a weed whacker, edger, and brush cutter heads off the local yard sale site. Super cheap, not running. Initial testing presented low compression. The thing has a downsized valve train in it just like the riding mowers. No stuck valves or bent pushrods, so it had to be a piston ring. No problem, right?

Wrong! None of the internal engine parts are available for the thing! Not from Troy, not from MTD, not nowhere! Smallest thing to get is the long block. Soooo, I dismantled the motor and measured the rings. Only thing that came up was for nitro go cart motors, and nothing was generic or cheap in any way. Ok, so back to the engine block. I ended up finding a pre-owned guaranteed to work motor on fleabay and just changed the whole thing, carb, flywheel, spark plug and all.

Considering the fact that the kit exists on a shelf near you for around 400 bucks, I would like to think that the manufacturer would support the gear. All in all, I have about 75 bucks in the whole project, including a filter hose primer set gotten from local small engine guy shop.
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