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I have few questions.
I want to know superheat, but i have only temperature meters.
Now ambient temperature is 14C. When the units are running i measure these temperatures:
Unit1 saturation: 10C
Unit1 suction: 7C
Unit1 53C
Unit1 cond.out: 32C
Unit2 saturation: 13C
Unit2 suction: 9C
Unit2 53C
Unit2 cond.out: 29C
Water from tank: 40C
Water to tank: 30C
With these temperatures i have negative superheat.
We charged system with refrigerant how many on plate.
I measure current of compressors. On the plate i have for heating 8,5A and 2600W (this means about 11A). I measure 7,5A and 9A.
I have pressures on high side 19 bar and 20 bar.
I use DS1820B sensors with arduino for measuring.
I don't know that how accuracy i have.
The system is working good. I want to ask, that i need to modify charge or no? Just use the system with these parameters.
Thanks for the answers and sorry for my bad english.
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