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Why does the solar array need a separate service connection? I'm running a 4kW array through a 150A service connection, and I'm the farthest customer from the transformer at my end of the service line. My power company is going to (not) love me when I install the additional 5.6kW I have in the garage...

Is it that your coop doesn't know how to program a meter for net metering? Are they still running conventional meters? We've had "Smart Meters" for ~8 years, and I simply got one the power company programmed to track bi-directionally. I have a tally for "delivered" and a tally for "received". Each month, they take my Delivered-Received=kWh you owe the power company.

I'm with Cranky, my power company sets the residential limit at 10kW. That's fine for my 1800 sq ft house.
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