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Ok, so if you are going to split the unit, make sure you put the larger heat exchanger outside. If it were mine, I might even find a larger size heat exchanger to do the job. A larger outdoor heat exchanger will raise your efficiency as long as it has enough airflow. Either way, I would definitely fit a txv to the outdoor heat exchanger if I changed it. I don't know if I would locate it in the engine room, since it would work against the indoor space through the floor.

Leave the cap tube on the indoor hx and decide where to locate the compressor. It all matters what mode the unit will be operating in more. If you need more heating duty than cooling, locate the compressor inside the envelope and the compressor waste heat will help warm the space. If you will be using it more for cooling, locate the compressor outdoors and the waste heat will dissipate into the outdoor air.

If you want help and/or guidance to pull off a successful custom design, start a thread about your adventures so far. This forum is full of people who can provide you with the information you need, when you need it. There is a lot to know and many decisions to consider before you get too far along in your project.
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