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Sorry guys, I didn't mean to hold back on information, I just tried not to ruin other peoples treads with too much other stuff than the tread is about. I just wanted to say that my experiance was not as good as his.

Here is a link to a manual for the machine I have. Mine is called Matsui MPA12KH, and is 12000 BTU (10400 BTU on heating), but otherwise its the exact same machine in that manual.

The manual says that it discharges 360 m3 pr hour, and takes in 180 m3 pr hour in 2 hose mode. The 180 m3 not coming from the intake hose, is taken from the filter, the manual says. (I understand this as that the last 180 m3 comes from the top fan.) It also says that the intake hose should not be used and the intake should be blocked if the temperature outside is lower than inside temp. I tried this first, but this way it stole way to much air from the boat and the floors got really ice cold. I have the engine room just below my living room and there are 6 intakes there to handle the air the engines need. I guess thats why my floors get so cold. This way the heater worked good (gave about 45 c air) but as I said the ice cold floors ruined it.

Then I tried to use the intake hose anyway, even if the outside temperature was -5 c. That gave me about 40 c hot air, but the machine still stole too much air and the floors were still getting too cold.

Then I opened the unit and did my best to seal around the lower HX (evaporator in heat mode) to make it not take any air from the filter, but take all the air from the intake hose. This was sort of successfull, so now the machine did no longer steal too much air from the boat, but the result was that now it only managed to heat the inside air to 32 c witch is not enough to keep my boat warm. In fact this way it did not work any better than a 1000w fan heater does, maby even worse.

Both my hoses are 5". I measure temperatures by putting the outside sensor of a temp meter inside the hot air discharge. The machine plate says max power usage is around 1100 watts, but it never used more than 8-900 watts while I was testing.

I didn't take photos while doing my work, but I attached a photo now that shows how I tried to seal of the lower HX.

As I said in my first post in this tread, I am now planning to try to split the unit in 2 parts, and thereby convert it into a "micro-split" unit.

Thanks for the advise to make another intake hose, maby I would have tried this if it wasn't too late, becausae now I have allready emptied the unit of cooling media to be able to start the splitting job.
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