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This,setup is just for testing with single radiator,that's why is so small .As i said earlier,if the setup remains the same i'll replace it with bigger one from stainless steel
Honestly,I'm very interested on experimenting with homemade shell and tube heat exchanger,but since i don't like to do something without any theoretical background,I'm still reading about them,and trying to make some math,before i grab the tools .
As for the points that you mentioned-splitting the coil in few smaller diameter is a good idea which didn't come to my mind,although almost every AC heat exchanger is split in two circuits.
I'm getting the warm water from the top already,and i think when the pump runs (meaning constantly) it should circulate the water at the tank ,and the temp should be somewhat even in all the volume or i am wrong?.For example if the water at the top is 35C and the retuning water is 30C ,around the center of the tank (excluding the top most and the bottom parts ) it should be about 32-33C or not?.If there is no pump,to circulate the water it really should be much colder at the bottom
As for the placement of the tank-unfortunately i don't have a choice,since if everything is ok this HP will go to my parents apartment where there is no appropriate place to install it,except on the balcony,but i'll make a wooden cover with door for easier servicing, insulated on both sides (inside and outside) with XPS plates for example.
As for the heating needs of the apartment,i can't find the file with heat loss calculations i made,but according to my memories with 22C indoor temp and -5C outside,heat losses were about 2500W or something about that number. Basically,it's a warm apartment,because it's in the middle of the building (it's on the 6th floor from 12),and is in the middle between other two apartments,so we only have 1 outside wall,about 12m long,and 2.5m high,which greatly minimize the losses
P.S-As I'm writing this reply,it comes to my mind,that on the bottom of my tank,there's a flange with small tube to the middle of the height of the tank (no surprise,it was a boiler in the past ) where the thermostat bulb is normally sitting so i can insert a temp sensor in it,to get an idea about the temp in the middle of the tank
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