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After ~2days I've noticed that in the evening, about 1-1.5 hours before powering on again, the temperature in the top of the chest is around -7C. This is a bit warm, so I've extended the on-time from 1h to 2h in the middle of the day, and added 30min in the morning, and changed the t-stat to level #3.

During these 2 days the compressor was on for 11% of the time, using probably 0.20kWh/day. Will check again after a few days, then possibly add some more water for thermal mass.

Originally Posted by elhigh View Post
If I recall correctly your original assessment was that the freezer should consume about 0.52 kW-h/day.

Unless I got my math completely wrong, right now it's using about 0.29 kW-h per day.

I call that a result!
Ah, but where is the sport in giving up? I want to see how low I can go!!
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