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If your freezer's condenser coils are not buried in the walls of the box itself, then absolutely go nuts on adding insulation! There is DEFINITELY a savings to be had.

The manufacturers put in enough insulation to make it work as a freezer. They don't add a lot more than that since it means spending more to make a product that may not garner that much more in sales. They are building down to a price. YOU, on the other hand, are building UP to an efficiency. That's a completely different measure.

There are lots of videos on YouTube of people adding insulation to their freezers and recording the results. If you have a separate, non-buried condenser coil, there is money and electricity to be saved, and adding insulation is the way to do it.

In my experience those lights never stick ON, but replace it with an LED. They work fine when cold, generate only a fraction of the waste heat of an incandescent lamp and pull only a fraction of the power to operate. That's a win-win no matter how you slice it. Sure they're more expensive - they also last about ten times as long as an incandescent, so the purchase price is probably the least important part of the equation.

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