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Default Filter day!

Got the correct filters today, and the heat pistol is telling me the air exhaust vent is 90F, with the basement at 71.4 F right now.
It 'feels' like it's got more air-flow now. Which I like!
The quality of the filters and the pre-filter is excellent. The USMail didn't crush the shipping box too badly..

Current RH in the basement is 50% And, there is no 'basement odor'..

WOW! Outdoor RH just dropped down to 45%. Makes me wish the basement ventilation blowers could dry the basement better. Changing all the air 3 times an hour, should work okay.. But nope.. It's fine keeping the radon levels down..

I'll have to remember to shut it down, when I do any dust-making work in my shop..
The standard heating system filter I've been using doesn't seem to be dirty,
so maybe these new filters will last a long time..

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