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Default Chevy Volt (good earth day post.)

I was not sure where to post about a EV car but Conservation seems to be a good place since we are really conserving gasoline!
I have posted about it in my solar thread but I always thought it should stand on its own.

The Volt is really an EV with extended range generator.

When in EV mode it just uses the battery. Up to 100 mph so I am told anyway because I have never driven it that fast.

We bought a Chevy Volt Feb 2013 we love the car.

We have driven 20,029 EV miles solar power so great Earth day number.

We have driven 4,092 miles on gas we have used a total 119 gallons of gas in the car.

No oil changes, no trip back to the dealer. I did rotate my own tires and have the windows tinted.

The Volt will charge @ 120 volts but we use 240 a full charge takes about 4 hours for a full charge. The very nice thing with the volt is when your charge runs out it switches to gas and keep going. This is even better for people like us that don’t live in town. So if you need gas for part of your trip the first EV part still allows some great MPG.

It is about $1.20 to charge with .10 kwh power but even better if you have solar. Solar and EV’s go hand and hand.

We have enough solar capacity to cover our house and charge our car most months.
Chevy Volt Electric Car | FAQ | Chevrolet

Here is a picture my Volt getting a drink at Greenville SC Zoo free EV power provided to promote clean driving.

If you have an EV lets hear from you. What do you have how is it working for you?

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