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Originally Posted by Mikesolar View Post
The issue is the the spread between indoor condensing temp (pressure) the evap temp (which in my case is -20C). Randen has a GSHP so the temp difference will naturally be narrower at -20C outdoor and current will be lower for the same pot.

Even the AHRI couldn't figure out how to measure efficiency with inverter systems, for the longest time. I guess that means that my value of 6.5A/leg is kind of irrelevant as it is just a snapshot in time.
What do your specs say as far as max run amps ?

You are correct , an an inverter system , the 6.5 amps may be though of as a snap shot of what it is doing as that specific time .

Did you measure the amperage going in ? The amperage going to the compressor would be difficult to calculate into watts . And it would not include the energy consumption of the fans .

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