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Originally Posted by Mikesolar View Post
The Fuji is a 24 seer unit, IIRC 10.2 HSPF. 240Vac

It is not straining to heat but it doesn't seem to be shutting off so i couldn't tell you if it is near its limit. I don't have a basic air thermometer in the shop but I should get one.
My 13 SEER unit cycles , like a traditional A/C unit . My understanding is the high SEER units use a different technology .

The outside unit has sophisticated electronics to monitor the temps and pressures and the ability to modulate the power . The compressor is made to run at variable speed , paired up with the electronics .

The net results is , in stead of cycling the system off and on , the compressor changes speed with changing load .

So , your system may be slowing down , in stead of cycling ?

If your system is pulling 6.5 amps of 240 VAC , that comes down to a little greater wattage than my unit with 10 amps at 120 VAC , for cool ?

Not what I would guess for your high SEER unit ?

God bless
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