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Default Recent House mods

2 months ago - we had plantation shutters installed in our Great Room ( 2 story - southern exposure - 4 full sized windows)

within a week - we could feal the house was cooler then before.
I need to pull out some old bills to see if i can quantify the savings.

In the next few weeks - we are getting a new roof. 2 features i insisted upon were....
- replacing the roof vents with Ridge Vent for better airflow in attic
- Lightest colored shingles we could get ( the LIGHTEST ones would have been an extra 1K to have shipped in - so we went with 2nd lightest color)

I expect these to also greatly impact the cooling load of the house.

Thanks to the forum for helping me THINK differently and how to make SMARTER decisions.


Steve AKA Doofus
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