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Currently there are only 3 people, but with changing renters that number could always easily change. The tank feeds into 2 hot water heaters (one gas one electric) that each have their own water supply. I debated putting extra insulation, and maybe I should have, but that's something I could do later with some spray foam and EPS. It might be tricky though with the tight fit haha.

I figure in 5+ years when the water heaters need to be replaced, I could use cheaper smaller electric models and super insulate those .

I'm looking at a Swiftech MCP355 pump to lift the water around 16 ft up for both panels. It's a cheaper option around $70 USD but what do you think of the sizing and do you think it'll have enough head pressure to do the job? Looking at the PQ Curve I'm a little confused... MCP355 - Rouchon Industries Inc., dba Swiftech - PC Liquid Cooling Systems CPU Cooler VGA Water Block Heatsink Pump Radiator Heat Exchanger Kit
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