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When I bought my 2nd house i had the builder insulate the garage door. My previous house had no insulation and as luck would have it the garage faces the same direction. I can tell you that the insulation of the door does help a lot. in the summer my old house garage felt like an oven in the summer and freezer in the winter to the point i would just leave beer out in the garage in the winter and always had cold bear. In my new house in the summer when the temp outside was 105 the garage was still 85. and in the winter when it was 20 outside the garage was still in the 50-60 range. the insulation is fairly reasonable at Lowe's or Home Depot. One thing I haven't done is what was already suggested, using weather striping around the exterior door.

You should also be able to claim a tax credit for the improvement. I believe it falls under the energy efficiency programs. Ask you tax person.
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