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We have a digital clock up on the Den wall, about 2 feet above the top of the TV location.
After watching the super hot boiling Plasma TV for a while,
my wife always looks up at the temperature display.. "OMG, it's so HOT in here!"..
No matter how many times I've explained about the heat rising up from the hot Plasma, she persist..
I would get the heat sensor pistol and show her the other end of the sofa was 67F and ask her to change her seating position.

I think this new low wattage TV is really going to help with this problem..
Especially this summer, since the afternoon sun is on that west wall..
Not the best wall insulation, but at least the M/S cooling will have a shot
at keeping that temperature display closer to the actual room temp.

If the new TV doesn't solve this false overheating problem, I fear the digital
clock will suffer a catastrophic drop to the floor and be replaced by a new
clock that only displays the time of day..
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