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Originally Posted by Mukiwa View Post
Pex - Iím worried pex will melt with the heat of the wood stove,
I think your concerns are well founded regarding PEX and your wood stove. PEX has a maximum temperature rating of 180 F. After that it's bursting strength drops. I have seen photos of burst PEX that was used for solar collectors.

Your gas boiler probably has built-in precautions to make sure the PEX temp doesn't get to the danger zone. I have no information about what water temperature you will get from your wood stove. But you should be aware of possible problems. In my experience, the heat from a wood stove can vary quite a bit.

Originally Posted by Mukiwa View Post
Steel - I donít really want to have threaded fittings where I canít access them if they start leaking or something
Steel buried in concrete will eventually have problems. History is on your side!

Originally Posted by Mukiwa View Post
Copper - $$$$$$
Copper buried in concrete is not good either because of corrosion.

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