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I have been trying to find something useful about the actual strain that has been the cause of the current panic. The main idea is that nobody really knows absolutely surely anything thoroughly proven yet. It's too new, and China did a terrible job at detecting, identifying, and containing the outbreak. Preliminary research from credible public sources are suggesting that the Chinese government poisoned or cooked the data they collected. They're doing the best they can with what they have.

However, the corona class of viruses is not a particularly tenacious, hardy, or resistant family. All of the known strains are easy to kill and protect against. Pretty much all of the available disinfecting agents (at least 70% alcohol, bleach water, iodine, hand, laundry, or dish soap and water, 3% peroxide, etc.) destroy it within seconds on contact. Not something difficult to manage at all as far as eradication is concerned.

The current measures being enacted and announced are being implemented to reduce the sheer number of cases (of this novel strain) that the medics will need to deal with all at once. The virus emerged last year (2019), so it has had months to spread (relatively unhindered) from where it emerged. Since Eurasia and Australia are enacting measures and having good success, our government is joining the team before the numbers have a chance to add up.

If it was mine, I would shut down the unit, spray the air path with cleaner, and let it sit for a bit for the scum to die and drain out. Rinse with bleach or Mr. Clean water, let it drain again. Wipe down the outer surfaces and put the unit back to work. I definitely wouldn't change or scrub or touch the filter elements until PMS time. Let them do their job, preventive surface disinfection only.
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