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It's funny, I saw this COVID thread and before clicking on it, was picturing something that would be discussing the topics that we generally discuss on this forum.

The one that I think of is the "great toilet paper crisis of 2020". Where did this come from? Well, in the grand Australian fires during the recent Australian heat wave. The forests of Australia were burning. The fires burned many trees and also wiped out the countries primary paper mills. It happens to be that these paper mills supplied the majority of the Australian domestic toilet paper production. The Australian population noticed when the toilet paper brands they were most familiar with were no longer on the shelves. The US was actually exporting toilet paper to Australia, which increased Australian supply of toilet paper. When the Australians saw that the United States was encountering the COVID-2019 crisis, they thought that perhaps the US would suddenly want 2 weeks of toilet paper supply and that there might be a shortage. With this potential shortage, there was a singular incident at a store where toilet paper ran out. Someone posted a meme about people grabbing some of the last of the toilet paper and TV news decided to say that this store ran out. Shortly after, people decided to buy the toilet paper and more memes were produced. Somehow this ended up being picked up by the US population and at the beginning of March, a bunch of people decided "oh no, I better buy up toilet paper" and people ended up developing a herd mentality to go and get as many squares as they could. So from the Australian fires with a domestic situation, the US stores get all of their Karen's together to fight over the rolls.

Weird, isn't it?
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