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Default fossil fuel free

Not sure where to put this so I stuck it here.

First, the 1958 house had a standard natural draft gas water heater (50% efficient if you are lucky), 1980 era SlantFin cast iron boiler (probably 75% efficient), gas cook top (not good for the health, or so the latest research shows) and a gas dryer with a dodgy control knob. Ohh, also, 3" of whatever insulation they put in the attic (800ft2).

Gone, all of it......

In goes:
New 2 plate induction cooktop and a single plug in one if needed, electric tank with one element run by 2kw of PV directly (installed it on in March and only now have I turned on the backup), and top element hooked to the grid, boiler is now a 3 ton Fujitsu type heat pump (no name brand but now you know what it looks like) that I bastardized to heat a brazed plate HX and run my rads. It isn't too cold out so far (6C early this morning) and the tank has been holding steady at 58C. Nice.

And to top it off, the gas dryer is gone and a Samsung heat pump dryer is in. It is working great and a nice thing is I can cover up that nasty vent. What a waste of heated air.

Ohh, and R50 of blown in cellulose in the attic.

As Ontario is almost all non fossil fuel for its electricity, I'm pretty pleased to be off the gas. Now to finish my long delayed EV VW truck.

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