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Originally Posted by MN Renovator View Post
I'm curious about the infrared tracking on units similar to this one. If you have one of these in a kitchen and have a crock pot or a full hot dinner spread with a dozen of the family over. ..or if it's in a bedroom and you have a hot cup of coffee, do these units start cooling the occupants, perhaps more than desired due to the unit not knowing what the heat source really is and over compensating? I'd almost not want this type of system outside of a living space or a bedroom. In a bedroom, I'd almost always just want the unit to always blow the air towards the bed.
The mini splits with that feature are quite sophisticated, with a low resolution thermal IR sensor array, high resolution near IR sensor array, and an embedded Linux processor of similar compute power as a Raspberry Pi.

My wild guess as for what they're doing in the algorithms is that they look not only at temperature but also the size and shape of the hotspots and whether or not they move.
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