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Originally Posted by mincus View Post
Hi all,

I've had a heat pump for the last 10 years, but lately I'm getting a bit of a mildew smell coming out of the ducts. It doesn't happen all the time, but it's definitely noticable when it does. Is this related in any way to the operation of the heat pump? Or is it mold/mildew growing in the ducts?

I pulled the front panel and looked at the A coil and it's pretty clean.

My first thought is to clean the coil with some of that foaming cleaner and see if that works.

Anyone have thoughts on adding a UV light to the system? Do those really do much and are they worth it? A couple of us have semi-severe allergies, and one has asthma. Looking to make sure the air is as clean as possible.

Thanks all!
Have you thought about trying an ozone generator? There are allot of precautions to using one but they are very powerful sanitizers. You can not be in the house while it is running and anything living like plants or animals also have to be out of the house. We use one on a room by room basis and they work very well getting rid of odors. You just have to make sure its all dissipated before using the room again.

If you give it a go, read up on how to use before you try it. They are dangerous. A good generator is about $50 on Amazon

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