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Default Converting vehicle A/C from R134A to propane?

I have a 1998 Jeep and the air conditioning has a very slow leak. It's not a big deal, I only have to top it off about every 6 months. With that said, I'm interested in converting it to use propane refrigerant instead of R134A. I know that propane works at lower pressures and is more efficient/colder than R134A, and is a common replacement in older vehicles that came from the factory with R12. I strongly dislike R134A due to it's higher pressures and rather poor performance. Propane is also cheaper to keep topping off.

I've been searching google on this topic and I can't find a lot of information regarding converting R134A vehicles, it's all about older R12 systems. (probably just because you can't get R12 anymore)

I'm wondering if it would be OK to convert the 134A system to propane without any modifications? Would the thermal expansion valve still operate in an acceptable range? Would there be any problems with compatibility of the oil in the system, or the compressor itself?

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