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Default 5k mile update

Well the Bolt is still running flawlessly without one hitch. charging from our PV I figure we saved about $500 over a gas vehicle that gets 25 mpg.

Range anxiety? None, we just went to an EV event with the air on and did about 200 miles round trip give or take, much of that was highway speeds. We're getting between 270 and 300 miles range most days now and the regen braking means we go several hundred miles only using the brakes once or twice.
We fill the car with our winter cold storage food supplies from the farms 60 miles away, going and coming for free. We also quickly found that an EV has inherently more room than a gas car of the same size and small things like no hump down the middle of the car add a lot more storage.
As I think back to our first nervous days when we gave up our gas car I realize the doubts we had were completely unfounded.
We went for the first several months with just the 110 volt charger. About a month ago I purchased a 16A level 2 charger for under $200, we didn't need the $600 32a level 2 charger. This is fine and plugging in a few times a week is so convenient that we wonder why we clung to our gas car and pulled into gas stations for so long!

What a pleasure to own and drive, we couldn't be happier!
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