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Default Renogy semi-flexible

I just got through testing a Renogy 100w semi-flex for about 10 days. Just the one panel, a Victron 15A MPPT controller, and a 420AH battery set that had enough load on it to always accept bulk. The panel had been sitting around for a year, but was unused. Daytime temps ranged from 70F to 90F, full sun with occasional thin haze.

The maximum output I saw was 80w, but the daily take was a little over 500wh, which means that they produced well on either side of Noon. Admittedly, it was the middle of Summer!

I spoke with Renogy, and they said that they are re-engineering these, and the new version will be available before the end of 2016. The old ones are not available right now.

Go Power has panels that look identical, but cost almost twice as much. Unfortunately, haven't found one of those to borrow.

So I'm a little disappointed that I never saw the 92w-95w that I was hoping for, but they're not junk, either. For an RV or boat, they certainly fit the bill, but for stationary use I don't see the point. One good thing is that they are so thin that they stow well, and can be put into use for temporary needs.
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